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Madnix casino scam: Why should you be wary?

Today in the world of online  gambling , the offers are more and more diversified, and the customer does not know where to turn. This general confusion gives rise to all kinds of swindles and twists. So we decided to look into the case of a particularly new casino today, which nevertheless managed to raise controversy on its side. Here is a detailed review about the Madnix casino scam.

A false joy for the Madnix toy library?

To better understand the context of the complaints that this casino has suffered, it is necessary to set out the facts from the start. When it entered the scene, just in 2019, Madnix casino made itself known thanks to its enticing advertisements. a site dealing with hundreds of very different games, solutions for transactions and above all more flexible inclusion conditions. Ironically, these three points are the mainstays of the controversy surrounding Madnix casino .

First of all, Madnix casino does indeed offer a very full game library, nearly 900 games are present. But these games are far from being the most innovative, and above all they are terribly ill-disposed. Seeing the Madnix’s game offerings , you would think that it would take whole days to come to the end of the games library of these, when in fact, a few hours are enough to get tired of it. Failing to impartially categorize the games they have, the Madnix casino  has chosen to ignore some categories for the benefit of others. The part of the slot machines for example, which monopolize the juicy share of 85% of the toy library of Madnix, leaving in all and for all only a hundred games scattered among the other headings.

And there again, we are not at all quality level,  the slot machines are almost all the same  with similar principles. This is simply false advertising, and a good way to get players on their backs.

Madnix casino and its binding withdrawals 

On the other hand,  Madnix casino has above all made itself known by its promise to include as many players as possible. Furthermore, its platform does not say as much. The only two languages ​​available are French and English. And to make matters worse, it is impossible to access the Madnix casino platform from blocked countries, an error message appears saying that the user’s IP address is blocked by the site servers. By doing this, Madnix casino dramatically reduces its range of customers. Finally, the deposit terms offered by this casino are quite disappointing, we also find:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Maestro.
  • Cashlib.

And for withdrawals, look no further, they are only available by bank transfer. In addition to the lack of choice,  the Madnix casino  squarely ignores this point by hiding the information related to it, on its site from visitors. To make it clear, you will have no way of knowing if the payment methods available are suitable for you before having  registered with Madnix casino.

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